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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Accused killers met on vampire site

No it wasn't here. It was Vampire Freaks. From The Chronicle Herald in Canada:

MEDICINE HAT, Alta. — In one photo, she can be seen holding a gun to the camera as she professes her love for goth, punk, dark poetry and death metal music. In another, she’s pretending to cry, black teardrops drawn in eyeliner marking her cheeks. The images of a preteen girl, now accused of killing her parents and younger brother, were part of her website on the Internet, where she is said to have met the co-accused in the slayings, the Calgary Herald reported Tuesday. The two were arrested in Saskatchewan on Monday after the bodies of the deceased were discovered in their Medicine Hat home Sunday afternoon. "I go crazy if I’m kept inside my house for to (sic) long," the girl wrote in a Feb. 23 blog entry. The 12-year-old girl cannot be named under the Youth Criminal Justice Act. A classmate of the seventh grader told the Calgary Herald she was "feeling really sad" because the girl was one of her closest friends. The friend told the newspaper the girl was a good student, earning marks in the 80s and above, but started to change about six weeks ago. Her well-scrubbed look turned goth with dark eyeliner and black nail polish, she said, referring to the teen subculture characterized by a preoccupation with macabre themes of death, darkness and sometimes vampires.
The people at Vampire Freaks are discussing it in this message thread. raging angel nailed it in my opinion:
So, did they find the body in Jet's apartment [he's the founder of Vampire Freaks, Carnacki]? No? They didn't? So why is anyone surprised that two out of five hundred thousand are murderers? Cleveland has a higher ratio of killers than this place does.


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