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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Ghost aboard whaler

From United Press International:

Paranormal researchers say they're convinced a pipe-smoking ghost may be aboard the 165-year-old whaling ship Charles W. Morgan in Mystic, Conn. Based on sightings of the silent man wearing 19th century clothing in the Mystic Seaport ship's blubber-rendering room, members of the Rhode Island Paranormal Research Group did some initial testing last week. "I'm convinced there's something going on, and I'm pretty sure that the majority of it isn't naturally caused," Andrew Laird, founder of the volunteer research group, told the Hartford (Conn.) Courant. While 90 percent of paranormal activity reports are explained by natural causes, the Morgan's case falls into "that rare 10 percent," Laird said. "We have not confirmed the evidence, we have to review it. But we have enough to go back for a full investigation" in June, Laird said.


Anonymous Creepy Story said...

Police See Paranormal Activity in Pub
By Associated Press

LONDON - British police responding to a call about a possible break in at a pub in northern England Monday found themselves in the middle of a ghoulish riddle.

Officers arrived at the Low Valley Arms pub near Barnsley in South Yorkshire, 250 miles north of London, after being told the alarm had been set off, but instead of finding any signs of a robbery, they were faced with a shaken landlord convinced he had encountered a ghost with half a face missing in the ladies washroom.

Though they saw no ghoul_ described as a woman in flowing white gown_ officers were shocked to find toilets flushing themselves, said Inspector John Bowler of South Yorkshire Police.

Pub landlord Roger Froggat, 55, and his wife Kathryn, 49, moved in a year ago and said they had seen nothing before, despite rumors of a resident specter.

"I heard the alarm go off for a second time, went into the pub and all the television screens had turned on," the pub owner said.

"I went to check the rest of the pub and standing in the women's lavatories was a woman with half her face missing. I was petrified."

Officers found no signs of forced entry and were left quite scared, Bowler added.

Since the ghost story became public, the pub has become the talk of the town, attracting everyone from mediums to a national television film crew determined to catch a glimpse of the mystery woman should she appear again.

Despite their shock, the Froggats said they have no plans to leave their village pub.

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