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Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Horrors of War

SlashFilm reviews b-movie flick Horrors of War:

For its budget, too, the war scenes are very realistic, not the least bit cheesy. Ross and Whitney found WWII reenactors to add to the supposed reality of the film, and they work. I felt like I was really at the war, not some fields and forests in Ohio. Impressive. Additionally, the special effects were campy and cheesy, but not too far over the top to take away from the drama. I mean, it's hard to make a werewolf or zombie B-film and not have the camp. But i liked it. The zombies looked as realistic as zombies can, and the werewolf had great long hair. It doesn't get much better than that. Also, when blood and gore were needed, they were not too over the top either. Just about right. This isn't some film where the gore goes spraying everywhere. I remember a scene where the werewolf bites a soldier's arm, and we see a close-up of the mauled arm, and it's a little scary. Then there's a close up on the soldier's face and we begin to see him turning into a werewolf as well. It was all well done.
B-movies are where it's at in horror. See post below too.


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