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Friday, April 21, 2006

A Robert E. Howard Western

I've always thought that if Robert E. Howard had not killed himself at such a young age, he would have been best known today for his Western tales. He would really have given Louis Lamour a run. I first reported back in February how Paradox Entertainment obtained the rights to Howard's non-Conan characters (archive seems screwed up at the moment). Here's a release the company just put out:

Not long after acquiring the entire Robert E. Howard library, Paradox Entertainment announced it has commenced development of a motion picture based on one of Howard's many western stories, titled "Vultures of Wahpeton." The story is an action thriller that focuses on the character Steve Corcoran, an amoral Texas gunslinger who finds himself far from home in a mining boomtown. Appointed Sheriff, his job is to rid the town of its crushing lawlessness. But Corcoran soon finds himself drawn into a conspiracy to rob the town, led by a mysterious gang known as The Vultures. The movie will be produced by Paradox's Peter Sederowsky and Fredrik Malmberg along with producer Ken Aguado via his company, Standard Film Group. Leif Rahmqvist acts as executive producer. Paradox has hired David Heller to adapt the novella into a screenplay. Says Aguado, "This is really one of the best stories I've read since `Unforgiven.' It has all the elements of the great Hollywood westerns: a strong, enigmatic lead fighting evil while battling his inner demons."


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