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Friday, October 14, 2005

Ghost detective's busy season

Paging Thomas Carnacki. Thomas Carnacki to the courtesy phone please. From the Southborough (Mass.) Villager:

It's the time of year when the cold winds blow eerily across central Massachusetts and things go bump in the night. It's also the time of year when Diane Nancy McMillan, a paranormal investigator, is at her busiest. Is there someone - or something? - peering over your shoulder while you're curled up with a good book? Or was it just your imagination? Are those creaky floorboards a former homeowner's lonesome steps? And how do you explain that glowing ball of light. McMillan, head of her own Hudson-based ghost detective agency, "In Spirit," tackles those questions for the timid, fearful, or merely curious. Through historical research, personal interviews and scientific testing, McMillan says she can explain the inexplicable. "Spirits can appear in many different ways. You can have things as simple as a knocking sound, voices, footsteps, to actually moving object," she said. Floating orbs of light, abrupt changes in temperature and cold spots, randomly appearing for no reason, are other calling cards of spirits and apparitions, she said. And as the days lead up to Samhain - Oct. 31 - the veil between the spiritual and the physical world gets thinner, McMillan ominously explains, allowing more spirits to come to the other side.
Excellent story, well worth reading in its entirety. A non-denominational minister, she sounds like a character from a ghost novel.


Blogger protected static said...

OMG... When I was growing up in that neck of the woods (my folks live in the next town over), that place'd've been vandalized on a regular basis.

She does sound like a, uh, character, though ;-)

10/14/2005 11:28:00 PM  

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