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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Penn State's paranormal conference

From the Penn State Digital Collegian:

The fourth annual National Paranormal Conference (UNIV-CON) held at Penn State this weekend will once again educate and excite people and students about everything involving spirits, demons and ghost hunting. Ryan Buell (senior-journalism) said when he founded the university's Paranormal Research Society four years ago, he knew instantly he wanted to try a conference -- even when others told him it would take five years to get it off the ground. snip They will also give 'dos and don'ts' of ghost hunting -- such as not to use a Ouija board -- and present evidence of their experiences. Blai said one of his many paranormal encounters happened in the bedroom of a house during the initial walkthrough. He said he exited the room and upon immediate re-entry, the temperature of the room dropped 10 degrees in two minutes, almost to the point when Blai said he could see his breath. A loud noise like a pistol shot went off in the hallway, causing everyone to jump, but no evidence of damage was found. When entering the room a third time immediately after the noise, the temperature was warm again. However, the weekend conference isn't about convincing people that paranormal activity exists, Blai said. "You can't convince somebody until they experience it themselves," he added.


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