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Thursday, October 06, 2005

Frankenstein's cat

I'm only putting this up in honor of Frankenstein Month over at The Groovy Age of Horror. From World Screen:

TORONTO, October 6: CCI Entertainment has picked up the distribution rights to a new animated series for 6- to 11-year-olds called Frankenstein’s Cat. Based on the acclaimed book by Curtis Jobling, Frankenstein’s Cat is from the U.K.’s Mackinnon and Saunders, and co-produced by France’s Kayenta Production. The series tells the zany tales of Dr. Frankenstein’s first creation—a cat called Nine (not because he had nine lives but because he was made out of nine different cats) and his partner-in-mischief, Lottie, the only girl in town.
That is a cartoon I'd want my kids to watch - and they would too. They're as macabre as I am.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thinking up bizare ideas seems to be the way to go for children authors and cartoons $$$$.
On a side note FYI- October 7 is the 156 anniversary of Edgar Allan Poe's death. He died around 5 in the morning and his last words were "Lord, help my poor soul."

10/06/2005 08:01:00 PM  

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