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Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Ghost hunt at University of Missouri

From the University of Missouri Maneater:

Ghost stories have circulated around campus for years, and most people consider them entertaining folklore. Paranormal investigator John Zaffis, however, has another explanation. After speaking on Sept. 27 and taking a moonlit tour of campus, Zaffis, who has appeared on the Discovery Channel and the popular SciFi Channel show “Ghost Hunters,” said a great number of spirits inhabit the university’s buildings and grounds. snip Following Zaffis’ lecture, about 25 attendees discussed the paranormal with Zaffis while visiting touring suspected haunted locations on campus. Student rumor and legend indicated particular points of interest that guided the tour. Some locations received more reaction from Zaffis than others. After intensely surveying the interior of A.P. Green Chapel, located adjacent to Memorial Union’s south tower, Zaffis said a spiritual presence existed. “You can definitely feel spirits in here, but they’re all positive,” he said. “It’s not unusual for this kind of space.” Peace Park invoked a different response. As the tour ventured into the park found on the northernmost border of campus, Zaffis’ became quiet. The group followed his example and was overtaken by silence and anticipation. “Five. There are five spirits right there,” he said, pointing to a cluster of trees. “Males, all of them. All of them either dead by murder or suicide.


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