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Saturday, August 06, 2005

Marilyn speaks from beyond the grave

A couple of bits of movie-related news caught my attention on Google news this morning - it seems that a transcript of sessions Marilyn Monroe had with her psychiatrist. First released in the LA Times to coincide with the 43rd anniversary of the star's death (that'd be yesterday), these transcripts offer more tantalizing peeks at an enduring Hollywood mystery. From The Guardian:

On her own attractiveness, she says: "I stood naked in front of my full length mirrors for a long time yesterday," she says. "I was all made up with my hair done. What did I see. My breasts are beginning to sag a bit ... My waist isn't bad. My ass is what it should be, the best there is. Legs, knees and ankles still shapely. And my feet are not too big. OK, Marilyn, you have it all there."
Yes, Marilyn... 43 years later, you still have it it all there. Of course, that's probably part of the endurance of the legend, right?


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