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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Another 'Brothers Grimm' review

I wanted to see this film any way. But I absolutely love the description of this film in the last line of this review. And considering my novel, The Mystery of the Haunted Vampire (or what ever I end up calling it -- see post below), mingles fictional characters from four different sources, this could be a perfect summertime film for me. I've gotten my hopes up about other recent movies only to be disappointed by poor scripts, plot holes, lazy directing, but I'm really hopeful about this. Granted, I've loved most of Terry Gilliam's films. He could make movies with no real stories behind them, but it'd still be movie alchemy. From The Village Voice:

Either you're a schnook for what we can call the Nicholas Meyer Conceit—pace The Seven-Per-Cent Solution, ironically commingling historical and fictional characters in period pulp—or you're not. Call it creative irreverence for Western-culture sacred cows. I'm the only earthling besides Lem Dobbs's mother who still likes Kafka, and for me Terry Gilliam's new windup toy The Brothers Grimm is a daffy, genre-hash gambol, descendant of the Hammer Film school (if those B sides had ever been made with money and talent) and just as fabulously cartoon-Gothic as Sleepy Hollow. snip ...the film...has the relaxed air of a rainy afternoon spent reading Robert E. Howard.


Blogger protected static said...

We just bought tickets for tomorrow night - at the Cinerama, a wonderfully-preserved bit of early '60s filmgoing experience augmented by the best technology Paul Allen could throw money at.

I'll post a review sometime Saturday...

8/25/2005 07:13:00 PM  

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