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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Gothic-western vampire game review

Wired has a review of CAPCOM's new FPS-with-a-spaghetti-western-and-vampire-twist, Darkwatch, here:

It's 1876. You're Jericho Cross, a train robber. You open a vault that you believe to contain vast riches. It actually contains the spirit of one of the most evil vampires to ever exist. As sort of a special thank-you, he bites you, and now you've got to find and kill him before the curse completely takes hold.
Short version? The reviewer finds it flawed but pretty playable... Color me intrigued; I'm not a hard-core gamer by any stretch of the imagination, and I probably won't pony up a lot of cash for it, but I might see if I can get it through Gamefly (think NetFlix, but for games). Darkwatch is available for the Xbox and PS2 consoles. Official site - requires Flash 7, this link bypasses the stupid age verification screen.


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