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Thursday, April 06, 2006

Dracula's castle returned to rightful owner

The Financial Times, a publication not often featured here, has the story:

The Romanian government says it will return Bran Castle, popularly known as Dracula’s Castle, to Dominic von Habsburg, a New York architect and nephew of Romania’s last king, as part of a wider push to resolve the country’s long-standing controversy over property restitution. Mr von Habsburg made a claim for the 900-year-old castle after the Bucharest government last year strengthened the rights of those who lost property under communism. No legal agreement has been finalised, but Herzfeld & Rubin, Mr von Habsburg’s lawyers, said the government indicated it would turn over the property this month. Officials in the culture ministry could not be reached to confirm the decision. “To me it is emotional and extremely important,” said Mr von Habsburg. “I spent my childhood there and have very warm memories.”
No doubt those warm memories have a lot to do with Dracula's brides.


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