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Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Uwe Boll on 'BloodRayne'

Director Uwe Boll calls his vampire movie 'BloodRayne' a "disaster," but not for the right reasons:

Calling the January U.S. release of his vampire-splatter movie BloodRayne a "complete disaster," maverick director Uwe Boll says he is handling the Canadian distribution through his own company. The film opens Friday but only in independent cinemas, with no participation from big chains. Boll, a German director who has made several genre films out of his Canadian base in Vancouver, says BloodRayne ended up in few U.S. cinemas — only half as many as the number of prints made. He also says that in recent years a producer's traditional relationship with distributors has changed, and not for the better. His beef is over high costs that distributors claim to have incurred for advertising and making prints.
Uwe, that's not why BloodRayne was a bloody disaster. (Only the whiskey made the movie enjoyable to me.) There is an interesting detail in The Star's story explaining how Boll gets big name actors to appear in his films:
He approaches actors at the very last minute when they are between productions and uncertain where their next job is coming from. And they are invariably willing to take even small parts for an easy paycheque. "If you go really late to actors you actually save money," he says. "Genre movies are not the actor's first pick in general. But if you wait, a lot of actors are still available. "If we went to Ben Kingsley a year in advance and offered him the money we actually paid him, he would never do that. He was available."


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