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Monday, April 10, 2006

Voodoo ritual in Haiti

Out grrl traveled to Haiti and witnessed a voodoo demonstration. Her well-written post is not for the faint of heart -- but not because of the voodoo. The excerpt below is from the comment section:

Well, we sat in a big circle. There was a man and a woman. They made a figure of what looked like a bird in the middle of the circle. They put a pan with some rum in the middle of the figure. They put one of those Malta drink bottles upside down in the middle of the pan. They lit the rum. They dance around it. The man kept singing and calling out -- looking up to the sky. It was in French so I didn't understand what he was saying. There were three men playing drums of different sizes. All very rough construction. He dance for a while. There was a woman dancing with a flag. The woman stopped. He poured some alcohol over the Malta bottle and it flamed up. He did that a couple of times -- passing his hands through the flames. After a while, he stopped. He broke the Malta bottle into pieces. He put what looked like one of the pieces in his mouth and chewed up the glass. He was playing up the spectacle quite a bit. He showed us what looked like chewed glass on his tongue. He swallowed it and chased it with the rum. He took two piles of sticks and put them over the figure. He lit them on fire. He ran the fire all over his body. He put the burning sticks into his crotch and held them there for a while. He put the sticks into his mouth and held them there. They were still on fire when he took them out. He did variations on eating fire and rolling in fire for about 10 minutes - so everyone with a video camera could get a good shot. That was about it. It was fascinating to watch, but I got the impression it was customized for la tourista.


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