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Monday, April 10, 2006

A Wyoming ghost hunter

From The Casper Star Tribune:

Today, Bennage is a paranormal investigator, certified by the International Ghost Hunters Society. He says he's the only certified paranormal investigator in Wyoming. He runs a not-for-profit organization called Ghost Researchers of Wyoming out of his Sheridan home. “I’ve always been into ghosts and ghost stories,” Bennage said. When he was in high school, Bennage said, he had a strong curiosity about death, which many of his peers characterized as morbid. After high school, he worked at a funeral home. There, he says, he gained a better understand of the grieving process. Then one day he was surfing the Internet and came across a Web site for the International Ghost Hunters Society. He sent away for the certification materials (essentially a home-study course), and his childhood dream of following in the footsteps of Bill Murray and Dan Aykroyd’s characters became a reality. According to Bennage, a typical field investigation begins with an extensive questionnaire. Questions range from "Have your pets been acting strangely?"’ to "Have you noticed any unusual odors?" to "Have you had an exorcism performed?"
Nice article well worth the click.


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