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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Living with serial killers

King Tractor Press is publishing a comic book series based on the real-life exploits of Ray and Faye Copeland:

In the first chapter of Family Bones, rebellious teen Sean is shuttled from one family member to the next, finally landing at the farm owned by his elderly Aunt and Uncle. There, the city boy must quickly adapt to the rigors of farm life. Sean must also adjust to the emotional and physical abuse that Uncle Ray visits upon his wife and nephew. Family Bones is based on a true story about teenage angst, family secrets, and murder on a small Midwestern farm. Based on actual events, it's the story of the elderly serial killers Ray and Faye Copeland as seen through the eyes of their unwitting nephew who stays with them one summer. "I know this is going to be a series with a bit of controversy," the writer Shawn Granger said. "It’s more hard edge than anything I’ve written before, but not without its lighter sides. Family Bones is unique in its mix of horror, romance, and coming-of-age genres. I really think readers will be shocked to find out that it's not all blood and gore, there are more layers to the story" Mr. Granger told a fan. "But it's definitely not a story for kids. I definitely didn't kiddy-coat the harsh realities either." Orlando Baez, the artist on Family Bones Chapter 1 is very comfortable with dark stories. He's best known for his work in horror comics. Orlando said "'Family Bones' is a dark & gritty story. It's interesting and real and because of that I want to pencil and feed the story in a rough, scratchy style."
King Tractor Farms web site is located here.


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