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Sunday, April 30, 2006

Ghost hunting summit

From the Rochester (N.Y.) Democrat & Chronicle:

Ghost hunting isn't as glamorous at it looks on television. That's just one of many common misconceptions Western New York Paranormal, a local team of paranormal investigators, wants to clear up. "Most of our investigations are going out and sitting around in a dark house, taking pictures and shooting video," said Dwayne Claud, an investigator with the team. To set the record straight, the group launched the first Supernatural Summit on Saturday at the Army Reserve Center on North Goodman Street. "We think that putting on a conference like this will help to educate the public," Claud said. The conference blends the scientific methods of hunting the supernatural — ghosts, spirits and other unexplained phenomena — with the spiritual approach of psychics and tarot card readers. On the first day of the conference, shoppers browsed among crystals, candles and books. Others attended workshops focused on the history and methods of ghost hunting, like "Ghost Hunting 101" and "Orbs: What Are They Really?"


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