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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Claymont ghost hunt

The West Virginia Society of Ghost Hunters conducted an investigation at the Claymont Court Mansion. Here's a report from Leigh, a senior paranormal investigator:

I'm late getting this written, but when you get old like me it takes longer to do everything. I have a hard time walking up steps, so I didn't spend much time in the house. I did pick up a few orbs in a couple of the rooms downstairs. I decided to take off and explore the grounds outside. Not long after walking the grounds I felt a presence beside me. I could hear foot steps walking beside me. I tried to get pictures, but it seems to move, as if it didn't want to be photographed. I continued to explore some paths into the wooded areas. I met up with Jay and Sharon and we proceeded down one of the paths. We ran into some cold spots, and the path sometimes in front of us was almost black. I did have some problems walking from the energy that was there. Sharon and I both felt like there was a heavy pressure on our chests. I did pick up some orbs in that area. We went down another path we thought would lead us to the barn? As we continued down this path I still felt this presence with me. There was an erie slience as well. There were times we ran into some really cold spots where the temperature must have dropped about 10 to 15 degrees? We also detected tobacco smoke as if someone was smoking a pipe. All the way down the path there was this feeling of extreme cold on the left side of me. The futher down the path we went we realized this was not the path to the barn. We did however come upon an old house and shed. I did get quite a few shots of miasma while on this path. The presence that followed me continued to stay by my left side. We left that path, and found the path that did lead to the barn below the house. The closer to the barn we got the stronger the energy was, and we felt the colder temperature once again. It was quite an experience. There was heay miasma in that area. Susan called me back to the house, because we were getting ready to leave to go to another barn. I was able to take a few more pictures of the house and I said goodbye to whoever the enity was, that had kept me company. We arrived at the other barn, and I didn't like the smell inside, so I went back out into the yard. I continued to take some pictures of that area. That area seems to have quite a bit of energy. There also I was able to get quite a few shots of miasma before we left to come home. I really enjoyed being at Claymont, at times I could vision how it must have been living there! One more thing I would like to add about the ghost hunt. I mention earlier how I felt a presence walking on my left side, and how cold my face was on that side. When I got home and looked in the mirror, my cheek on the left side was red and very cold to the touch. The other side of my face was warm. If you have never been touched by a ghost, you are in for quite an experience. After looking at the pictures I took on the path, the miasma in the pictures there, showed up on my left side.
More on Claymont at the official site:
Fashioned after a design by George Washington, the Claymont mansion was built by his grand-nephew, Bushrod Washington, in 1820. It is listed in the National Register of Historic Places. The mansion is a picturesque and protected environment for seminars, conferences, workshops, or retreats. Original oak paneling and crystal chandeliers preserve the architectural integrity of the building. Up to thirty participants can be accommodated overnight in the mansion. The simply furnished library, music room, and ballroom provide a variety of meeting rooms, ranging from smaller, intimate spaces to larger rooms suitable for group activities. Large lawns and quiet woods allow informal gatherings with moments of solitude during intensive activities. the mansion can have retreats of up to 40 people.


Blogger Ukiah said...

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Very weird hu?

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