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Sunday, January 22, 2006

Amish werewolf stalks in Kornwolf.

From The San Francisco Chronicle:

In "Kornwolf," Tristan Egolf's posthumous novel, Owen Brynmore, a jobless newspaperman and cranky nicotine addict, returns home to Blue Ball, Pa. After taking a spot at the local paper, Owen is handed a lead he just can't resist: Something is roaming the cornfields of Amish country, taking livestock, terrorizing the townspeople and leaving an unearthly stench. Aware that it's probably a hoax, the paper's editor is all too eager to go tabloid with Owen's sensational articles on the Blue Ball Devil. But by exploiting a local legend, Owen and his editor (not to mention Egolf) ignite a bloody and hilarious romp through Pennsylvania's dubiously named townships and villages -- Intercourse, Philth Town, Bird-in-Hand, Blue Ball. Soon, Owen's curiosity has the best of him. Despite the scorn of the townspeople, repeated warnings he'll be called crazy, and even after losing his job, he looks for answers, and the more he finds out, the less his hastily published story seems off the mark. The story, told by various characters, follows Owen's pursuit of the Kornwolf -- a.k.a. the Blue Ball Devil, which turns out to be a werewolf who happens to be Amish -- toward a grotesque climax.


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