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Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Spooky times in Port Townsend, WA

Well, erm... really just a day-trip with my parents, which in some books could constitute horror in and of itself... Eh. It was a fun day, and a (mostly) okay visit from them, and as soon as I catch up on the work that got schedule, I'll be back a'blogging, hither and yon. So what came of spending a day in one of the more haunted cities in Washington? Well, for one thing, I found a cool Mexican imports shop (and espresso stand) named Sol Imports where I was able to procure a most excellent t-shirt featuring Jose Guadalupe Posada's 'Don Quixote' woodcut. Posada was known for his satirical, political woodcuts that drew upon Day of the Dead imagery, and the Don Quixote shirt is no exception: Image from Sol Imports' e-Bay site Literary and spooky, all in one... How cool is that? At any rate, they had a lot of great Day of the Dead stuff along with milagros (traditional folk medicine prayer offerings, traditional and painted tin Christmas ornaments), saints, icons, Oaxacan beadwork and tinwork - lots of great stuff...


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