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Saturday, December 10, 2005

Call him 'Coffin' Connery

From The Daily Record of Scotland:

DON'T bet against Sir Sean Connery playing Dracula one day. He's familiar with the procedure. By that, we don't mean he's in the habit of biting virgins on the neck. At least, we don't think he is. But he is used to sleeping in a coffin. It all began when the coolest Bond ever was learning the art of French polishing at an East Lothian workshop as a young man. He had no accommodation of his own so he ended up staying overnight at the coffin maker's workshop in Haddington. Former colleague Tommy Wark, 84, of Haddington, said: "He came there to start work about 1950 and had nowhere to stay. I know he spent a few nights sleeping in a coffin just after he started."


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