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Sunday, December 11, 2005

Diary of a ghost hunter

From the Whitehaven (U.K.) News:

Where have all the ghosts gone? writes researcher Laurie Kemp in this week's Whitehaven News. He's the author of Ghosts of Cumbria but admits that west Cumbria is almost bereft of ghosts. The Rum story has an active ghost (see alleged spirit light picture) but there certainly don't seem to be as many reports as there were, say, 20 years ago. I suspect one reason is the acceptance these days of ghosts. News is by definition something rare and unusual and ghosts have become just too common for their own good. Almost everyone has seen a ghost. Because I've worked on Psychic News people think I must have seen hundreds. Sadly, I've only seen a couple even though I've spent many nights in supposedly haunted houses. Ghosts just won't appear to order and sitting in a spooky mansion at midnight is no guarantee anything will happen.
Excellent article well worth reading.


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