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Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Most Haunted crew in high spirits

From The Scotsman:

MAKERS of the cult supernatural show Most Haunted were in high spirits last night after being cleared of allegations that they duped viewers. Several people complained that the Living TV show, featuring psychic Derek Acorah, had deceived viewers when it claimed to have uncovered paranormal activity. But in one of its more unusual rulings, the watchdog Ofcom said the programme could not be taken seriously and therefore could not be a fake. The show routinely visits allegedly haunted venues in an attempt to commune with the spirits of the dead. Sudden nocturnal bangings, camera work similar to horror film The Blair Witch Project and heavy use of green night filters are trademarks of the format. However, Ofcom took a more down-to-earth view of Most Haunted and its equally successful spin-off, Most Haunted Live. It said: "The show contains a high degree of showmanship that puts it beyond what we believe to be a generally accepted understanding of what comprises a legitimate investigation.
I suppose it's good that the show was cleared of the one charge, but the fact the ruling says the show cannot be taken seriously must sting those interested in legitimate investigations.


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