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Saturday, December 03, 2005

Ghosts of Stottsville Inn

From the ParkesBurg (Pa.) Post Ledger:

Throughout Chester County there are hundreds of folklore stories of ghosts, haunted houses, haunted hotels, taverns, inns, historic sites and tales of people, legends, devils and the unknown. There are many examples of ancient buildings that have been maintained or rescued and used for commercial purposes, and many of those structures come with ghosts or tales or legends. The Stottsville Inn is one such place with a ghostly connection. The Inn is a very fine country restaurant along Strasburg Road in Pomeroy, just east of Parkesburg. The Inn's story has been transfigured in the translation over the years. According to the folktale, many years ago a beautiful 19-year-old woman, Josephine, was murdered in her room by her husband, Horace. He is said to have killed her, then himself.


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