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Saturday, November 12, 2005

Noggin Chompers

Longish article on the troubles facing young, independent filmmakers working to put together their zombie film at a favorite locale of the Haunted Vampire team. From the Daily News of Newburyport, Mass.:

The "Noggin Chompers" plot revolves around a found ancient zombie manuscript by — who else — teens drinking in the woods. Sullivan tried to give his characters more depth than those in a typical zombie film. The main villain, the Voodoo Guy, is a combination of the emperor from "Star Wars" and Viktor Frankenstein. "Zombie movies are people's fear that you don't know what is really lurking inside your neighbor's head," Sullivan said. "At what point does somebody cease being a human who has morals and go to their basic instincts to survive?" The "Noggin Chompers" vision began over a year ago when the three men formulated the idea over lunch. "I wanted to do a zombie movie and I wanted those sorts of naturally scary environments," Dunn said, referring to such places as the supposedly haunted campus of the defunct Danvers State Mental Hospital.


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