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Thursday, November 10, 2005

Kutob, a ghostly movie tale

From the Manila Bulletin:

Whether good or evil, things almost always come in three’s, many people believe. One of those that do is director Jose Javier Reyes. For the third straight year, he adds yet another to the list of psychological-thriller genres he has been fielding to the Metro Manila Filmfest via the upcoming "Kutob." The film stalks 2003’s "Malikmata" and 2004’s "Spirit Of The Glass," both box-office winners and still under Canary Films. "Unlike the two, ‘Kutob’ is more about obsession than the paranormal," says he. "Here, the occult is just incidental to the twists and turns of relationships both affected by inside and outside forces. Indeed, the most frightening ghost is the one conjured by and that dwells inside the mind. "


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