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Sunday, November 20, 2005

Haunted Times holds ghost seminar

From the Aspen Daily News:

REDSTONE -- Sparked by reports of unusual activity at the historic hotel, a few dozen enthusiasts of all things paranormal gathered at the Redstone Inn on Saturday for a seminar on ghost hunting -- and the potential of much more. The $90-per-ticket event was arranged and conducted by Christopher Moon and the Denver company for which he serves as president and senior editor, Haunted Times Magazine. Moon and his staff research paranormal activity across the United States and document much of what they discover through the magazine and Web site of the same name. They also conduct seminars and give speeches in various Colorado ghost towns and other historically haunted destinations, such as New Orleans. Their cameras pick up fleeting pictures of what they say are ghostly "orbs." Meters that measure AC and DC electrical activity can point to areas inside a building where a paranormal being may be present, they believe. There's even a device known as a "telephone to the dead." Using technology to decipher audio recordings with odd noises and static, they believe they can hold conversations with the otherworldly. To some, all the efforts to reach beyond the grave may seem a bit crazy. But Moon, his students and co-workers appear to be dead serious.


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