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Saturday, November 19, 2005

Gothic Martha Stewart strikes again!

Now, for the goth (or gothically-inclined) who has everything, the solution to one of those pesky decorating dilemmas: what to do about that glaringly-white toilet paper in your otherwise somber decor? Coz' those occasional pastels you can find ain't gonna cut it either, right? Fear not! A solution is at hand: black toilet paper! Ohmigoth! It's black! At current exchange rates, a six-pack of toilet paper'll set you back about US$ 7.03 - before shipping (€6.00 = USD 7.029 at today's rates, according to Google). So... until it's available in the US, maybe just get a 6-pack for when you've got company over. They can ooh and ahh at your resourcefulness, never knowing the sordid truth of your hidden (white) Cottonelle stash. Your secret'll be safe with me.


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