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Monday, November 21, 2005

For all your space travel needs

Space, being a fine setting for horror, shouldn't be too far afield for this blog - therefore, it is in this spirit that I feel obliged to announce the soon-to-be-opened Greenwood Space Travel Supply ("Space travel is all we do!), for all your space travel needs! In the same spirit as the pirate store we've previously mentioned, the Greenwood Space Travel Supply Co. supports the ongoing activities of 826 Seattle, a writer's group dedicated to improving the writing abilities of high school students. So feel good about being able to purchase your space travel essentials such as an extra towel (you do know where yours is, don't you?) or bottled Uncertainty for your Heisenberg drive; after all, you will be supporting their fine programs. Come one, come all (that is, if you're in Seattle or if you have your own wormhole generator or teleporter) to 8414 Greenwood Avenue North, Seattle on 3 December from noon to 6PM PST. [hat tip to Metroblogging Seattle]


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