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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

Soul science

Wired has a fluff piece (I know, some'll say 'Wired' and 'fluff' in the same sentence is from the Department of Redundant Repetition Department...) out about paranormal studies at American universities:

At the University of Arizona, a psychology laboratory devotes its time to investigating "dynamic info-energy systems" and a "survival of consciousness hypothesis." University of Virginia cardiologists have been studying whether heart patients enter "transcendental environments" in the operating room. Meanwhile, a psychiatrist colleague compiles records of alleged "transmigration" events from around the world. Translation? At two of America's best universities, professors and doctors are studying the existence of the soul, near-death experiences and reincarnation.
Personally, I find the title of the piece way overblown: "Academia Embraces Spooky Studies" (I know, 'Wired & overblown' = more from the D.o.R.R.D), but it does have some interesting tidbits, and it certainly makes for a diverting read.


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