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Saturday, October 08, 2005

Who's afraid of that ghost?

A real estate showing of a house that comes with that something extra: a morbid tale and possibly ghosts. From Australia's The Age:

There were a number of large families inspecting the former home of Joe and Maria Korp, mostly of subcontinental or Middle Eastern extraction. None of them were inclined to speak of the former hanging himself or the latter being strangled and shoved into a car boot. They were excited about the house, one man telling me how the shed up the back would make a great rumpus room for his kids. The real estate agents weren't encouraging people to chat about murder and suicide — keeping their faces blank and their voices low when approached by the gawking element. "He could have kept three wives here, couldn't he?" one beaming middle-aged chap said after taking a brochure. snip The ghost enthusiast, Ursula, said: "It was just the three of them here … they had their little boy. The place was too big for them." Then she got back to the ghosts. "I feel Joe is here, but not Maria," she said.


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