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Monday, October 10, 2005

Gay horror

The Columbia Chronicle of Chicago has a Q&A with Hellbent director Paul Etheredge-Ouzts.

Speaking of slasher films, why did you decide to make a gay slasher film? The producers actually approached me to do it. It wasn’t something that I came up with for them. There are two sets of producers on HellBent, and one half of it, the Joe Wolf half, did Halloween and Nightmare on Elm St. so they came from a horror background. The other part, by Sneak Preview Entertainment, has done a number of independent gay films like Circuit and Relax, It’s Just Sex. And they knew each other and wanted to do a project together, so they concocted this idea of doing a gay slasher film and then approached me to come up with a story. I was writing romantic comedies at the time, so it was completely a different genre, you know, a whole 180 for me—maybe not that far—maybe, you know, 160, but that was good. It was fun. It was very challenging.


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