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Sunday, October 09, 2005

Blood sucking parents

And you thought your parents strange. From The Associated Press:

PHNOM PENH, Cambodia - Black magic may have driven a Cambodian couple to bite off their daughter's thumb nails and suck her blood, officials said Sunday. Chheng Chhorn, 46, and Srun Yoeung, 37, attacked their 12-year-old child before dawn on Thursday while she was still asleep, biting off her thumb nails and a small part of her nose to drink her blood, said Keo Norea Phy, a police official in Kampong Cham province where the incident occurred. Neighbors rushed to the couple's house and rescued the girl after hearing her screams, he said.
Fortunately relatives took the parents to a black magic healer to chase away the evil spirits possessing them. The police, however, were uncertain what charges to file against the parents. I don't know, maybe begin with assault and battery and work up to child abuse? Hat tip to Keith at Old Haunts for emailing the link.


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