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Thursday, October 13, 2005

Spooky horror from Psycho

Fangoria has cool details of a trio of upcoming horror flicks from indy producer Pyscho Studios. Of the three, I'd have to say I'm most looking forward to is Demon Board.

Producer Pearlman provides this synopsis of DEMON BOARD: “After enduring a near-fatal car accident, our young teen protagonist Michelle wakes up in the hospital with a disfigured face and a bad case of amnesia. Her only belonging, and the only item recovered from the wreck, is a nefarious-looking Ouija board. After recovering from massive facial reconstructive surgery, Michelle is placed in a group home for troubled kids. Shortly after her arrival, she experiences hallucinations of the accident and frightening apparitions of her dead father. This prompts Michelle to use the Ouija board as a tool to resurrect her past. Upon using the board, people around Michelle start getting brutally murdered. Could Michelle be responsible, or is something more sinister at work?” Pearlman found cool cameos for his horror icons. “We have a great cast,” he says. “As a huge horror fan myself, it’s always a treat to see genre stars like Jeffrey Combs and Angus Scrimm in these movies as opposed to nondescript pretty people from the WB. Jeffrey and Angus play Detective Joyner and Dr. Barbary, respectively...
These are films to really sink my teeth into.


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