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Thursday, October 20, 2005

OKC's version of 'ghost stations'

The 'ghost stations' of London's Underground and other abandoned buildings and sites are favorite places of Haunted Vampires. A story in the Edmond (Oklahoma) Sun reveals Oklahoma City has its own version of the Tube's ghost stations.

Like most places where large numbers of people come together, the Conncourse was the stuff of urban legends, with stories being told of how it had originally been constructed by Chinese immigrants in Oklahoma City and had been filled with opium dens and gambling parlors, and how Mr. Conn had been informed of the existence of the tunnels by Chinese residents who were grateful to him for extending them credit. Stories were also told of people who had gone to bars there after work, and ended up being confined to the Conncourse all night after they had passed out from drinking too much. But after the collapse of the oil boom, the Conncourse fell upon hard times, and parts of it became comparable to the ghost stations of London’s Underground. The section that is located beneath what had formerly been the Skirvin Hotel, which had once been a bustling place filled with eateries and stores, is now abandoned and inaccessible to the public.


Blogger protected static said...

Greenwich Village & the Bowery are also like that, as is downtown Seattle by Pioneer Square and the waterfront... I'd also be willing to bet that Boston's T and the NYC subway system both have true 'ghost stations'. And I know that the ground under St. Louis, MO is riddled with limestone caves (think Injun Joe's cave in Tom Sawyer), most inaccessible now, but at one time many were connected to peoples' cellars, and many were used by bootleggers during Prohibition.

It'd be neat to compile an 'Atlas of Underground America'. Yeah, in my next life...

10/21/2005 12:43:00 AM  

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