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Wednesday, October 19, 2005

Vampire tour of San Francisco

Via I have yet another reason to visit San Francisco: the Vampire tour of San Francisco

Explore the Gothic side of Nob Hill. Meet Mina Harker, Vampress who was made by Count Dracula in London in 1897, and banished by him to the United States. Mina has resided on and under the streets of San Francisco for over 100 years. Hear her story, and learn how Vampires have played an important part in the shaping of San Francisco as we know it today.
This sounds like a fun way to learn the city's dark history. I'd also want to take the Dashiell Hammett tour. I'm going to have to catch me an airplane and fly out there.


Blogger SallyCat said...

Awesome....real tour...come on out and I'll show you the Dashiell Hammett tour...including one of the best steak houses in SF included in his work. Or maybe just inspiring it...

Don't know about the vampire tour - I guess I'll have to check that one out. Who knew 30+ years here and I didn't know we had vampire history!

aka SallyCat

10/20/2005 01:11:00 PM  

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