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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Too weird to not share

It ain't horror, but I had to post it: British spy files reveal Nazis’ exploding candy From the British National Archives site referenced in the MSNBC article:

Newly released files reveal German techniques for camouflaging sabotage equipment (KV4 /284)- these include drawings and photographs of an exploding chocolate bar and a mess tin concealing bomb equipment. Original German propaganda leaflets (KV3/210) feature a spoof Evening Standard article and a peculiar document claiming to have been issued by supporters of Hitler in Whitehall that sets out the fate of England after it is defeated.
The "KV" numbers are the catalog numbers - these newly declassified documents may be viewed in their entirety here. 'Purchase' them as though you were shopping for them - they're free, so once you enter your email address they're available for download immediately (PDF docs) without entering any credit card info.


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