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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Ghost walk in New York

From the Tonawanda (N.Y.) News:

When you sense something special about an old building, pay attention. That structure could be talking — literally — to you. So says John Koerner, an American history teacher at Niagara County Community College, who, with his wife Tammy, conducts Haunted History Ghost Walks throughout Western New York. We joined 23 other spirit seekers on the Lewiston phantasm path this past Saturday night, learning that structures, like animals and humans, might embody invisible dimensions communicating unto infinity. Most phantom-prone people believe the Hollywood version of ghosts, those disembodied remnants of someone who died, Koerner instructed his group gathered on Center Street in the heart of the heritage district. “But, parapsychologists think of other possibilities,” he continued to an audience rapt by his introduction.
My house speaks to me too: "Install a new roof. Finish the basement. Clean the attic." Spooky stuff.


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