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Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Bible John: terror of Glasgow

The Scotsman has this bit on a Scottish serial killer from 1968:

THE TALL, well-dressed handsome stranger didn't say much - but what he did say earned him the most chilling sobriquet in Scottish criminal history. More than 35 years after his killing spree, mere mention of the name Bible John is still enough to send a shiver up the spine. In late 1960s Glasgow, when his identikit image stared from every newspaper and wanted poster in the land, he provoked fear to the point of hysteria. "I don't drink at Hogmanay, I pray", he was heard telling his third known victim, Helen Puttock. The quote was frighteningly eerie, like a line from a horror film. Whether he meant "pray" or "prey" was a matter of conjecture but other references to Moses, his strict religious upbringing and his father's belief that dance halls were "dens of iniquity" led the media to dub him Bible John.
After three sexual murders that pitched Glasgow into a panic, Bible John disappeared, never to be heard from again. Or did he? Maybe he just got... smarter:
Police are still hopeful of a breakthrough and just last year announced that DNA samples taken from the scene of a crime committed in Glasgow in 2003 allegedly provides an 80 per cent match with samples taken from the Puttock murder scene.


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