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Monday, September 26, 2005

Dem bones, dem bones...

People visit this site looking for all kinds of things... Mostly, as Carnacki has pointed out before, they come looking for "vampire sex", but hey - many of them stick around for more than a couple of page views, so we must be doing something right. This said, one of tonight's/this morning's visitors came to us via a Google search for Ossuary Chapel. Now, I knew they weren't unique to Sedlec, but I was a touch surprised by how many there are - they must have been all the rage circa 1400 or so... There're several in the UK, such as this one in Rothwell; there are the beautifully-painted skulls of Austria and Bavaria. Paris has her catacombs, Rome has necropoli and catacombs to boot. St. Catherine's in Sinai, Egypt; St. Mary's in Wamba, Spain... It goes on and on. The Industrial Age is represented as well, by this utilitarian Gothic-Art Deco ossuary that holds the remains of soldiers killed at Verdun. The bones themselves are not on view, but their resting place serves quite well as a reminder of the horror of war, where the others are intended to convey the horror of sin. The best account that I happened to find tonight of a visit to an ossuary other than Sedlec has to be the description of this one in Sedal, Portugal:

The artwork on the ceiling continues the combination of weirdness and whimsy: curly-haired cherubs hover above painted skulls-and-crossbones, and scythes are interspersed with elegant flowers. A statue of Jesus and an ornate, gilded altar are overshadowed by the chapel’s most gruesome decoration: two desiccated corpses hanging on a side wall. The bodies of a man and a small child are now several hundred years old, but there are still skin and shreds of clothing clinging to their pathetic frames.

Well, my list of places I must vist just grew... How about yours?


Blogger Carnacki said...

protected static,
Good Lord St. Catherine's is beautiful. I've always wanted to visit Egypt and you just gave me another reason to want to go.

9/26/2005 07:00:00 PM  

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