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Sunday, August 07, 2005

Haunted sidebar

M Valdemar, posted a thought-provoking entry about one site that's in my sidebar, Rigorous Intuition. I enjoy reading the site and intend to keep it there under Reality Investigators (as opposed to those under Supernatural Investigators). However, HP's post made me think about other sites in my sidebar. Exclamation Mark, for instance, was under my horror blogs, but I moved it to Curious Exhibits because he often posts non-horror-related items in a manner similiar to Bibi's Box and Bubblegumfink. Yet, he also often posts horror as do the other two. I've decided to leave it to them. If they wish to be under horror, I'll gladly put them there. If they wish to remain in Curious Exhibits -- a title I thought sounded delightfully mysterious like objects in the curio cabinet of an old wizard -- I'll keep them there as well. I recently added the All Halloween Blog to Curious Exhibits. Halloween, of course, is horror related, but the site seems more in the spirit of festive Halloween rather than horror Halloween. Yet this points to a seeming contradiction: Old Haunts remains under horror even though Keith's site is much more like receiving a big bag of M&Ms instead of a severed head in the trick-or-treat bag. To my way of thinking (warped though the process is it's safe to refer to it as thinking), Old Haunt's captures the delightful (used that already, pick another word giddiness that's more like it of being young and thrilled to be trick-or-treating in a spooky costume, but also a bit frightened at the prospect of walking along the shadowy wall bordering the cemetery to get to the neighbor's old dark house at the end of the lonely lane. I throw open the floor to those in my sidebar. If you're not where you think your site should be, leave a comment or shoot me an email. And if you feel your site -- or if you know of a site -- that should be in my sidebar, please do the same. I intend to be generous with my linkage yet want the sites to not get lost in a long roll -- which is why I put them under different catagories.


Blogger Keith said...

Thoughtful post, Ben. Thanks for taking the time to care about those you link to, and what their preferences are! Nice gesture. :)

Anyway, you got my blog pegged perfectly! Obviously you "get" what I'm trying to do with OLD HAUNTS. Cool.

I agree it fits well in the Horror category, because you're right; while I do strive to keep it generally light, innocent, and fun, Halloween also did have a slightly darker, spookier underside to it when we were kids, that's lumped right in there (for me anyway) with scarier things like watching monster movies on TV, reading horror mags, and all that other creepy stuff us "monster kids" pursued back then (and some still do).

Halloween has always went hand-in-hand with "horror stuff" for me, and I do try to reflect that on the blog sometimes...once in a while dipping a little into some of that darker horror stuff!

Oh, and I agree my DEVILED HAM fits there, too. That site definitely goes to some weird, dark, horror places (you aint seen nothin' yet). Hehe.

Thanks for the openness, and the links! Keep up the great work here, man!!!

Happy Haunting!

8/12/2005 06:03:00 PM  

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