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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Meta horror blogging II

Not that long ago HP at M Valdemar suggested the horror bloggers link to each other. Until then, I didn't even know there were other horror bloggers. I just posted away for my own amusment with a handful of readers. Attentiondeficitdisorder Bitter Cinema Blog of the Damned Corpse Eaters Count Dracula's Diary Dark, But Shining DISC/ontent Dr. Squid's Smorgasboard of Terror Dracula Blogged Exclamation Mark Final Girl A Girl and a gun The Groovy Age of Horror In the shadows John Oak Dalton Layla Hardesty Little Terrors M Valdemar Mondo Schlocko o zombie comeu o meu The Outbreak Old Haunts Sir Graves Ghastly Strange Paranormal Experiences Warrenzone Feel free to add your blog or any others I overlooked in the comments.


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