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Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Haunted happenings

From the Richmond (Va.) Times Dispatch:

Robert Bess has been hunting ghosts for more than two decades, searching abandoned farmhouses, misty lakes and deathly quiet cemeteries for evidence of their existence. He's certain ghosts exists -- he has the photographs, he believes, to prove it -- and one of his favorite haunts is the Byrd Park Pump House. Bess believes the old stone pumping station on the James River and Kanawha Canal is full of ghosts and serves as a "portal" for the dead who have taken a wrong turn on their way to the great beyond. "I think when a person dies, you have one last decision to make," Bess said. "Do you follow the light, or do you go in another direction? If you don't follow the light, you wind up in a portal like the pump house. And then you're stuck."
From the Gary (Ind.) Post-Tribune:
Mike McDowell of Highland, founder of the statewide organization, believe they heard the utterance of a name — “Paul Benner.” Bob Carter of Rensselaer, who appeared before the commissioners, believes the person — or spirit — may have been working on the courthouse after the 1934 courthouse fire when he died in a repair-related accident. The phantom trackers’ report was based on a county-approved tour of the courthouse held after hours on April 29. County officials did not request or pay for it, but allowed the tour.
And from Macleans of Canada, an article about one of the world's largest swindlers (not a member of the Bush administration) possibly contacted his widow, though he's been dead for eight years:
Circumstances surrounding de Guzman's plunge only fuelled the rumours. The body wasn't recovered from a jungle swamp for four days, by which time it was already severely decomposed and partially eaten by wild boars. It was hastily examined and cremated without confirmation of dental records. Fingerprint evidence was inconclusive. DNA tests were never done. Some said he was carrying a bag with US$300,000 cash on the day he disappeared. But no one can say for sure; the money was never found. For more than eight years, that was all we knew about the mysterious death of Michael de Guzman. Lots of theories, deep doubts, and nothing more. But a couple of weeks ago, the ghost of Bre-X reappeared.
Finally, from Bedford (U.K) Today:
Rumours that Luton's Britannia House is haunted have caused a stir among those who work there, with one even refusing to work after dark. The Luton News understands that one employee based in the Leagrave Road building, who does not wish to be named, came face-to-face with a ghost when she was working late in her office in the lower part of the building. She allegedly saw what has been described as a tall, white-haired,old man with very long fingernails, wearing a shirt and trousers. The phantom reportedly told her that he used to work in Britannia House, but his wife and children "abandoned" him because he worked late. The conversation scared the woman so much that she now refuses to work after 5.30pm. Since this sighting about two weeks ago, others in the 13-acre site have claimed to have seen someone of the same description. Luton Paranormal Society (LPS) – a group that investigates the paranormal, including ghosts, aliens and crop circles – has offered to do an all-night investigation.
All of the articles are well worth clicking on and reading. But be prepared for chills and thrills.


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