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Sunday, June 12, 2005

Final Girl just beginning

Final Girl is off to a fine start:

You see, I grew up with horror movies. My parents loved 'em. For some reason they never saw fit to get a babysitter, and so I tagged along to the drive-in no matter what was playing. I found that Friday the 13th Part 2 didn't give me nightmares, but rather gave me a thrill- I soon discovered a love for being just plain scared. After lights out, I'd get out of bed and approach my window, thinking "Wouldn't it be scary if the backyard was full of zombies?"- and then I'd dare to peek outside. I'd pour over issues of Fangoria magazine and Famous Monsters of Filmland (I wanted to see Motel Hell soooo bad after reading the Fangoria feature on it...). I was riveted every Saturday to WLVI Channel 56's Creature Double Feature.
Go check out her blog. Bookmark it. Add it to your sidebar. The horror blogosphere has a great new denizon.


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