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Monday, May 23, 2005

Whitburn, England full of ghostly events

From Sunderland (England) Today:

GHOSTHUNTER took himself to Whitburn on a sunny Sunday just recently – and was very glad that he did. He went in search of what rumour had told him was one of the most active ghosts in the area, and found rather more than he bargained for. The first port of call was the welcoming Jolly Sailor pub (somehow, quite a few of GhostHunter's expeditions start at pubs). Even before entering the pub, GhostHunter thought that he might be staying awhile. Having ordered his meal, it seemed time to start investigations. Martin the landlord was later happy to chat about the pub's ghostly resident. Now, GhostHunter had heard that the pub was haunted by a dramatic Green Lady.

According to the story, the ghostly lady was remarkably active for a ghost. She dated back to the 1770s and had a tragic history. It seems that she lived in the pub, which at that time was an inn catering to the passing coach trade.

GhostHunter has quite the gig, going from pub to pub to hear ghostly tales and investigate strange occurrances at night in quiet English villages and towns then writing up his experiences in newspapers. Where do I apply for this job?


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