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Thursday, May 26, 2005

Tim Boucher: occult investigator

Sometimes when I can't sleep I hit the next blog button. I came on this site, Blither, which deals with a real-life terror:

Went in for the usual chemo treatment today. But, as life would have it, it turned out to be not so usual.First off the tech couldn't seem to draw blood from my port. They check my blood every time I go in. Usually there is no prob in drawing it. But today my body decided to be defiant. The tech kept having me take deep slow breaths.. in through the nose out through the mouth. Again and again. But to no avail.They even tipped me back (the infusion center has recliners) and basically tried to "pour" the blood outa me. But that didn't work either.Finally they just did it the old fashioned way.. needle to vein.The results were even more fucked.Seems my white blood cell count is down below acceptable levels. Well.. acceptable as far as the chemo goes.
And I book marked it and looked around the page and found this, Tim Boucher, Occult Investigator, on his links:
Adventures of an Occult Investigator Hi! I'm Tim Boucher and I always thought mystical/supernatural shit was really cool, so I became a real-life occult investigator. I study all manner of myths, magic, saints & superheroes, from the esoteric to pop-culture. To find out more about me, check my FAQ page!
Tim Boucher definitely belongs in my side bar. So that's what happens when you hit next blog. You never know where in the world you're going to go. Feel free to post any other links I should have in my sidebar. I still plan to re-organize it some day soon. But for now, I'm going to bed. Good night.


Blogger tim boucher said...

not sure what kind of stuff you like, but here are my favorites:

- rigorous intuition
- ran prieur
- new world border
- fantastic planet
- infoprophecy

anyway, thanks for stopping by my site!

5/26/2005 04:00:00 PM  
Blogger cookie jill said...

I've always enjoyed clicking next blog. It's amazing what life stories are out there...and some..well..wild photos and graphics.

5/27/2005 01:17:00 AM  

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