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Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Ghost hunter writes guide to San Francisco

From the Fairfield (Calif.) Daily Republic:

Dwyer has had many experiences with ghosts, including one at his workplace, known as "The Ghost of 3 West." Built over the former site of a military recuperation hospital used in World War II, the Kaiser spirit is described as a young man wearing a bomber-style leather jacket. He likes to hang out on the third floor in the rehabilitation area. "I had my back to the door and I felt someone was watching me," he said of the encounter, adding he enjoyed it. "Ghostly activities don't scare me," Dwyer said. "I find it encouraging to know something survives bodily death." Dwyer got interested in ghost hunting as a teen in Alameda. "I would hear these stories about the old Victorian buildings and desolate ships," he recalled. He started checking them out and even trespassed at the Oakland Airport to check out a B-29 that was rumored to be haunted. "It was very spooky inside," Dwyer said. "There were five or six ghosts inside."
He's working on Ghost Hunter Guides for Los Angeles and New Orleans, too.


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