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Wednesday, May 18, 2005

Cornwall ghost likes shoes

Instead of "Boo" does this ghost say "Shoe?" From Ananova:

A shop in Cornwall has called in a vicar to get rid of a ghost who has become obsessed by a pair of shoes. Shop workers Helen Honey and Faye Chown have been left scared after a series of strange incidents involving a pair of brown deck shoes. The shoes in the shop are usually on display with one crossed on top of the other. But the deck shoes continually end up side by side. According to The Sun Helen said: "I was standing at the counter when the top shelf of the display began wobbling, as though the shoes were trying to be picked up. Then the deck shoes jumped off the shelf completely and landed next to each other, just like we always found them. I screamed and ran out of the shop.
The ghost is probably trying to tell the shop workers that it would like the pair, but in a different size.


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