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Thursday, May 11, 2006

Ghostly 'Fingerprints'

From The Film Asylum:

Brothers Cleveland Productions, an independent producer of motion pictures, has announced the completion of principal photography on its feature film, Fingerprints, a supernatural thriller. The film stars Kristen Cavallari, Leah Pipes, Josh Henderson, Andrew Lawrence, Lou Diamond Philips, Sally Kirkland and Geoffrey Lewis. Fingerprints is based on the widely publicised urban legend that took place 50 years ago in a small Texas town, where a school bus filled with children was hit by a train killing everyone on-board. The ghosts of the children are supposedly still in the area where the accident took place. It is said that if a car is put in neutral on the railroad tracks, the children will push the car off the tracks, leaving only their ghostly fingerprints behind. The movie centers on a troubled teenager who discovers the gruesome truth behind the legend.
Is it just me, or does Lou Diamond Philips seem to be in most movies of this type?


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