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Sunday, May 07, 2006

American Haunting

Someone asked me about this movie in another message thread. I haven't had the chance to see a movie in a while, but this is one I hope to see soon. From The Associated Press:

The spirits make way too much noise in "An American Haunting," a supernatural tale whose overbearing clamor is redeemed somewhat by engaging performances and fine 19th century period detail. Things don't go bump in the night - they go shrieking and caterwauling. Director Courtney Solomon, who made 2000's ludicrous "Dungeons & Dragons," takes a big step upward here, though subtlety seemingly remains a foreign concept to him. Creepy as it is at times, "American Haunting" loses much of its fright potential amid the frenzied visuals and screeching vocalizations Solomon employs to re-create the horrors wrought by an unworldly presence tormenting a Tennessee farm family in the early 1800s. Thank the spirits for the divine presence of Sissy Spacek and Donald Sutherland as Lucy and John Bell, the earthy souls whose family is haunted, and Rachel Hurd-Wood as their daughter, Betsy Bell, the focus of the phantom's wrath. The Red River, Tenn., family's unexplained haunting has fascinated ghost-hunters for almost 200 years. The film begins with a notation that the Bell haunting was the only documented case in American history in which a spirit caused a person's death.
By the way, I'll note is not lessened by the negativity of the reviewer. I find that most film reviewers are so biased against horror films of all types that if it is praised at all, it must be extraordinarily good.


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